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built with banks,

for banks.

LM1 optimizes the "application-to-close" process by employing a unique and effective approach to automation. Its intelligent and intuitive design eliminates redundant work, creates efficiencies, and produces consistent and compliant results. LM1 is highly configurable and designed to work efficiently and effectively with your bank's processes and policies.  


The end result is a unified electronic workspace where team members and bank customers seamlessly collaborate.  Users navigate the solution through role-based workflow that is linked with core banking systems, third-party data sources, document prep systems, and document storage. This allows banks to break free from the process gaps that drain productivity from its most valuable resources. 

"I have searched for a true commercial loan workflow tool for decades. This is it."

 - SVP Loan Operations


Loan Management

  • Manage customer inquiries through post-closing

  • Full automation and integration with all your systems

  • Application creation, document collection, collateral management, credit analysis, and more


Loan Management

  • The entire lending team collaborating in one system

  • Real-time visibility of pipeline, production, and loan requirements

  • Involve your customers directly in the loan process


Loan Management

  • Configure LM1 to conform to your lending process

  • Enforce policies, provide online documentation, and design checklists

  • Control beneficial Ownership, CRAs, government monitoring, and much more


Loan Management

  • Customize every aspect of your loan offering

  • Control all facets of your operations and policies

  • Underlying BPM engine allows you to extend the solution to meet every transformational need

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