Behind the Product

After being engaged by a mid-sized US bank to create a workflow application to guide their commercial lending process, we recognized that the complex nature of commercial lending was a perfect fit for our technology.


Therefore we invested in building a new product to fill the automation and  integration gap for lending teams. That product is now available for use by all types of lending organizations and known as LM1.

About Expersoft

LM1 is a product offered by Expersoft Systems, a Swiss company with global operations. Alongside LM1, Expersoft offers software products to the global financial services industry including an intelligent Business Process Management Suite and a front/mid-office Wealth/Portfolio Management System. 


Our products and solutions drive the digital transformation of our customers by combining innovation with 20 years of experience partnering with 650 financial companies including banks, asset managers and institutional investment firms.


The Living Systems Process Suite - or LSPS is revolutionary. The platform is designed from first principles to answer the needs of business and IT in one seamless, transformational package. Whether you need to build a simple standalone application to automate a paper-based workflow, integrate aging legacy infrastructure, or create intelligent software solutions that adapt their behavior to business events in order to achieve business outcomes, it is the intelligent choice.