What is LM1?

LM1 is the ultimate digital loan management  system for optimizing the "application-to-close" process by fluidly harmonizing the work of loan officers, underwriters, and post-closers. Redundant work is banished and efficiencies exposed across the business.

Via single, unified electronic workspace your teams can seamlessly collaborate with task-flow and chat functions, leveraging instant access to information and services through integration with core banking systems and third party information sources.

The LM1 solution for banks is designed to meet all key banking standards and adapt to the very specific requirements of your loan business.

Analyst Quote

"Without a strategic approach to workflow, lenders will find themselves battling rising costs and inefficiencies in an increasingly fragmented and competitive marketplace." 

  - Industry Analyst -

Intelligent automation

  • LM1 is built on world's most powerful BPM platform

  • Intelligent automation is required for complex processes

  • Solution open for expansion and transformation


Advanced Document Management

  • Automatically establish visibility of bank policies and loan requirements

  • Reduce client complexity with clear requirements and ability to pull previously delivered documentation

  • LM1 integrates with document management systems


Integrating Third-Party Services

  • Save time, avoid "Swivel chair syndrome"

  • Add or change service relationships with low impact

  • Order financial reports, appraisals, & credit information

  • Automatically extract pertinent information for use in loan processing




  • All communication is stored with the loan

  • Q&A, Chat and notes

  • Email, text, and integration to CRM systems


& Compliance

  • Seamless guidance of the loan team through compliance tasks

  • Automatically include all regulatory documents

  • Full audit history of loan actions



Prep integration

  • Automatically loads all loan information into doc prep systems

  • LM1 supports multiple doc prep and LOS systems

  • Improves quality while insulating operations from changes


Total Visibility 

  • Clear pipeline data

  • Realtime dashboard components and embedded charts

  • Full audit history of loan actions


LM1 Loan Management

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